Dr. James Schaller, MD
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Schaller Biofilm Book Cover
Dr. Schaller's Practical
Biofilm Solutions Book

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James Schaller, MD

Do you long for unhurried visits with your doctor? Visits where you fully understand your problems and options, and feel heard and respected?

Do you feel rushed during brief appointments?

Do you feel merely part of a "protocol" or "guideline" that is not tailored to your unique body?

Tired of your doctor's lack of accessibility?

Are you looking for a deeper and more personal relationship with your physician?

Do you want a friendly, and highly aggressive academic leader with a passion for many areas of medicine?

c. k.
Happy To Be Alive ... Thanks to Dr. Schaller
"I found Dr. James Schaller and my dad drove me 24 hours down to Naples, FL for a consult."
Bank Towers, Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL
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